Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding Weekend (Winners Post)

Photosmith participated in quite a few weddings this weekend. I would first like to extend a big congratulations to Priya and Kyle for winning the 2010 Best Wedding Cake Topper and 2010 Best Use of Technology in a wedding. The cake topper was two elephants with intertwined trunks. A-dor-able! Sadly, Priya's parents were unable to be physically present at the wedding so one of their friends used a computer and Skype so her parents could be here virtually. How cool is that? Now, you are probably asking the important question: "What do they win?" Well, the honor is purely titular. That's a word I learned watching "Everybody Hates Chris." It means title only. They are the first winners of Best Technology and will join the ranks of such couples as Rick and Leslie Wolf , past winners of Best Wedding Cake Topper.

Speaking of Rick and Leslie Wolf, they were at the wedding of Becky and Karol. Becky and Karol are the winners of the 2010 Best Use of Orange Construction Cones in a Wedding Photo. This honor is so unique, that they will probably be the first and last winners to receive the title.
How could anyone ever top this?

ps check the next post for more pictures from all the weddings!

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