Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kat and Spencer by Photosmith, Cincinnati Wedding Photographers

On October 2, 1993 I was at the wedding of my cousin Rhonda and her husband Tom. It was the only wedding I've ever been a bridesmaid in. On October 2, 2010 I was at another wedding: the wedding of Kat and Spencer. I was the photographer this time. The ceremony took place at the Clinton County Court House in Wilmington. What a gorgeous building! If you live near Wilmington, I recommend going there to check it out. A good rainy day activity. You will not be disappointed. The ceremony had blessing ribbons on which guests wrote their wishes for the bride and groom then tied them to one of the four peacock feather adorned poles. The ceremony began with a directions ceremony and ended with a traditional kiss. The bouquets looked like they were made of vintage brooches. Quite spectacular! The reception followed at the Roberts Centre, also in Wilmington. One of the highlights of the reception was the belly dance the bride surprised the groom with. I've taken one belly dancing class and found it tremendously difficult. Kat made it look so effortless and breathtaking. Everyone was impressed. Here are a just a few pictures from Saturday.

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