Thursday, June 2, 2011

Monica and David's Wedding by Brad from Photosmith

Every week we feature a few pictures from weddings we shoot. Last year, I did a few theme blogs in which each entry focused on kids, details, or candid pictures, etc. I haven't done a theme blog in a little while, so for Monica and David's wedding I'm featuring a few of my favorite pictures from their wedding and why I like them. I wasn't at this wedding, but I am working on editing it. As I went through the images, some stood out to me for any number of reasons. Here are a few that did, and why I like them.

above: Simple, beautiful portrait of the couple with great natural smiles.

above: This is just an example of candid shots Brad took of the guests. I really loved having pictures of all the guests at my wedding. I chose this one because the man is waving and that made me laugh.

above: I like the snail's perspective Brad used for this dance shot and the texture of the brick in the foreground. This is an easy way to add variety to your own pictures. Usually works best without a flash.

above: This shot just seems so tender to me. This was the couple's first dance, and even though they are at a big party with everyone watching them, it really seems like they were able to experience the romance of the first dance and simply be totally into each other. AWWW!

above: This picture shows off the B&B where the reception was held. I like the sense of place, and the curvilinear rhythm created by the walkway --it makes your eye flow through the picture.

above: I used the os effect on this picture to make it seem old school (which is what os stands for!) This picture shows off the back of her dress and hair. It seems timeless to me.

above: parents of the bride dancing at the reception. Just a great moment Brad captured!

above: This picture I chose because that cake looks amazing. One of the most gorgeous cakes I have ever seen!

above: guests having fun at the reception. I like the documentary nature of this picture but mostly I really like the posture of the second guy from the right. So chill!

It's us! As stick figures! Sweet natural moment looking at how their car has been decorated.

above: This is a picture you probably see quite a bit on the blog. I'm quite fond of this set up with this effect called "pool." (Short for Pool Party) By the way, I don't make up the names of the effects, that is honestly what they are called when we buy them. Kathy from Photosmith first applied this effect to this type of shot and I was really wowed by it.

above: portrait of the couple. I like the flow of the veil, and even though it may seem silly, I really like that pinkish tree in the background. To me it sets up what time of year it is.

above: LOL I don't know what's going on, but it's funny and totally unscripted.

I chose this pic to show off how each lady had a unique dress and bouquet. I love that concept!

above: I know this picture is probably posed and someone is holding that veil, but I like the line the veil creates. It adds interest and fills the space of the composition.

above: I would guess that this was when Brad was shooting bridal portraits, but this particular moment seems unscripted to me. It seems like Monica was a go with the flow kind of bride.

above: most likely meant to be a close up of the flowers but Brad shot a little wide and caught a few of the bridesmaids laughing. Happy accident.

above: The wedding party. This is my favorite set up for larger wedding parties. I like that it's casual and close so you can see everyone's face.

above: One of my dream cars!

above: playful moment.

above and below: I think these are nice examples of the photojournalism style. So full of expression and meaning and completely candid.

above: I like the low angle Brad chose, the perspective the pews create, and the reflection in the floor.

above: I love the detail shots from weddings. I love this bouquet and the lighting of the pic.

above: Dad before the wedding. Love the smile and candid nature of this pic.

above: beautiful bouquet, gorgeous colors.

I like the angle Brad shot this image from and that he used available light.

These are just a handful of photos from this couple's gorgeous wedding. I think Brad took over a thousand pictures. Everyone at Photosmith wishes Monica and David the very best!

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