Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tiffany and Phil

Tiffany and Phil married on December 12. The ceremony took place at Hyde Park Community Methodist and the reception was held in the Newport Aquarium's ballroom. Tiffany's wedding attire had the special winter touches of a white wrap and muff. After the receiving line and bubble exit, we did a few pictures in the church and then headed to the couple's home for a few candid shots. The groomsmen made the tree in the front yard festive with a few rolls of toilet paper (which Tiffany and Phil were very good spirited about). We met up right before the reception started. The ballroom is a really lovely space. They have a medium sized aquarium of fish and a few light-reflecting sculptural ceiling fixtures which resembled jellyfish. It was a modern, abstract design that was sophisticated while still adding to the ambiance of the space. One big attraction was Paula the penguin. Accompanied by two biologists, Paula was brought upstairs from her usual habitat to mingle with the guests. Everyone got to pet Paula and really seemed to enjoy the experience of interacting with a penguin. She was a sweet African penguin and Suz thought she felt kind of like a wet cat. At each table was placed a little booklet that told the story of Tiffany and Phil. They placed a different rubber stamp at each table so guests could mingle while collecting stamps for their books. This was done in the spirit of letterboxing: one of the couple's favorite hobbies. From what I gathered, it is usually an outdoor quest where you collect artistic stamps. I'm sure I'm over-simplifying. My wife seemed interested so I'm sure I'll know more about it soon. LOL. The evening was filled with friends and family and lots of fun special traditions. Steve Bender was the d.j. for the evening, they had a multi-layered cheesecake for dessert, Funky's catered, and the flowers were done by Benkin. To see more of Tiffany and Phil's pictures, go to

The password is kreutzerjensen

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Bell Family

This is the Bell family. What a good looking bunch!


This is Lauren. I photographed her last year. She's grown so much!

Ashley and Nate

Ashley and Nate are getting married on March 20th. Their ceremony will be at St. Xavier. Their reception will be at the Precinct. We went to a few downtown locations, including the P&G park on Broadway St.

Kristen and Mark

Kristen and Mark were married on December 12th. Their ceremony was at Hyde Park United Methodist Church. Their reception was at the Maketewah Country Club. The reception was decorated festively for the holiday season with evergreen wreaths and Christmas trees. The tall table centerpieces accented the decor with the red roses, white calla lilies, and greenery. If you would like to see more of their pictures, click here. The password is zehfranke.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oliver's Bar Mitzvah

I've known Oliver and his family since he was just a toddler. Now he's 13, and he celebrated his Bar Mitzvah the last week of November. The evening party was held at Shangri-La Hotel in downtown Vancouver. It was a spectacular event with two live bands and a dj to provide musical entertainment. Guests could also participate in casino style games, get a temporary tattoo, or have a tarot card reading. Everyone seemed to have a great time and one of Oliver's friends was overheard saying it was the best day of his life. Oliver's friends and family traveled from all around the world to come and celebrate this special time with him. To see more pictures go to
The password is oliverjoffe.


Michelle was one of my students at the Art Academy of Cincinnati a few years ago. Since then, I have also worked with her on a few commercial jobs and yesterday photographed her family. Her little girl, Laina, was festively dressed and has the sweetest face. Here a few pictures from that shoot.