Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The wedding of Victoria and David, photos by Photosmith, Cincinnati Photographers

All of our wedding packages offer unlimited locations.  Often, we start wherever the bride is getting ready and get a few shots of details of the dress, the flowers, the shoes, make-up touch ups, etc.  Also in most weddings, we shoot at the place of the ceremony and reception as well as another location, such as a park.  Here are just a few pics from the wedding Brad and Menad shot on the eleventh.

Portraits, photos by Photosmith, Cincinnati, OH

Some recent engagement and kid photos.  We can go on location for your shoot or shoot here in the studio downtown or both!  Brad went to Findlay market for the engagement shoot and Eden park for one of the kid sessions.  The baby portrait is here in the studio.  We shoot everything in color and add black and white and other effects in post.  We give every client a sample of all the different effects we offer.  Below are a few effects we offer (listed under the photo).  We have several more, not shown, too!

black and white, traditional black and white tones

sepia, monochromatic like b&w, but warmer, more like brown and white

 LOTR, stands for Lord of the Rings (we didn't make up the name) adds a soft glow

 both of these are b&w

 KSF, a warm monochromatic effect like sepia, but with a soft glow and light film grain simulation

these are straight up color

Artsy Tartsy

You may notice some of our tags say artsy tartsy now.  I changed it from artsy fartsy because I could.

Commercial shoot for Paul Brown Stadium. Photos by Photosmith, Cincinnati, OH

Brad's been shooting some commercial work for Paul Brown.  When he shoots commercial work, he plays around with shots, too, once he has what he thinks the client is after.  Here are some of my favorite shots he recently took, even though they may or may not be ones the client chooses.  I just love the lighting and perspective in these.

Mini Weddings

We offer mini weddings now!  What is a mini wedding, you ask?  Quite simply, the perfect package for small, low key weddings.  The details:  for weddings falling on weekdays and Sundays throughout the year and currently, Saturdays in August of 2013.  $500 for three hours of continuous photography, unlimited locations, unlimited photos taken and a printable disk with all the images from the day (you can print up to 8x10).  Here are a few pics from some minis we've shot this year.