Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jen and Chris's wedding

Jen and Chris married over the holiday weekend. Suz and Kathy started the photography portion of the day with some candid getting ready shots. The guys were hanging at Chris's parents' house having some pre-wedding pizza. The ladies were getting pampered with hair and make-up sessions (make-up by Nancy from Brideface, check out Jen's flawless look!) at Jen's aunt and uncle's house. The adorable flower girl was Jen's niece. She nicknamed Kathy "Silly Kathy" for giving me bunny ears during the family shots. (It's a little trick we use to get kids to look at the photographer.) Jen chose a seersucker dress for the bridesmaids to wear, which I'm sure was appreciated during the heat of the midwest July day. The richly colored summer bouquets added a bold pop of color against the lightly colored dresses. We later went to Alexandria City Park and Camp Springs Vineyard for more photos with the wedding party. We all took a few minutes to refresh and cool down once we arrived at St. Joseph in Cold Spring. Having seen each other before the wedding, there were only one or two "formal" photos to do after the ceremony and then it was on to Memorial Hall in Cold Spring, which is a separate building, but affiliated with St. Joseph. As I heard in the toast, the couple's first date was at Pompilio's so it was very romantic (and delicious) that Pompilio's catered the reception. Here are just a few pics from their day. -Suz

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