Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Emily and Ben

Here are a few photos from the engagement shoot of Emily and Ben taken in late December. I love the hats! Winter photos can be fun, too. We haven't had too much snow this year, but Brad has used snow in the past to make some really fun pictures of people making snow angels. Another option if you want winter photos but don't want to go outside, is to come in for a studio session. Another great place to make photos is the Krohn Conservatory--lots of green, a waterfall, it's summer all year round. If you have another place that is special to you, we are always open to new places. We've shot in parks, bars, under a highway overpass, the ballparks, the river, industrial areas, homes. Some places do require permission (such as the ballparks) but sometimes all you have to do is ask. These photos were taken at Eden Park near the overlook and Twin Lakes. This is a great place. Eden Park has so much photographic diversity with city views, a stone bridge, plant life, river views.

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