Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Laura and Mike by Photosmith, Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

At 9:00 Brad and I woke up, had breakfast, watched the national weekend morning show and then headed out to start shooting the wedding of Laura and Mike. Laura and the bridesmaids got ready at the Burns home. It had air conditioning. I didn't want to leave. Ever. Or at least until September. We made a few getting ready shots and then, we did have to leave for St. Gabriel. Also air conditioned. The bridesmaids in their lovely lavender dresses and spunky silver shoes braved the heat to do a few pictures in front of the roses next to the church. The flower girls were adorable, the ring bearer a cutie. Laura and her family were so accommodating and kind. The groom arrived in a white limo, like the proverbial prince on his white steed. The groomsmen were fun. They wore formal tuxedos in the heat of the day. They did not complain. I liked them. Did I mention the church was air conditioned? It was. You could feel the cool air from the vestibule wash over you as you opened the heavy wooden doors. Laura and Mike smiled at each other as they sat listening to the service. They held hands. They gave each other sweet looks. We went to Glendale Gardens after the ceremony to take some pictures of the wedding party and the newly married couple. They laughed with their friends, they laughed with each other. When we arrived at the Savannah Center the wedding party was announced. They somersaulted in, they piggy backed in, they tango-ed in. They cheered for the bride and groom with enthusiasm. When Laura and Mike entered they went right into their first dance. The beautiful afternoon light illuminated the dance floor. Two toasts were given, a "day of" wedding video shown by Stevie Z. The cake was cut, the bouquet and garter tossed. The last thing I remember before we left was their guests dancing, having a good time, celebrating in honor of this really sweet couple. Here are a few pictures from that day. To see more, you can go to http://www.photosmith1.com/index2.php?v=v1#/proofing/
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