Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The wedding of Brooke and Ben by Suz from Photosmith

You may remember the torrential downpours that occurred last Friday. Those rains will definitely be unforgettable to Brooke and Ben and their wedding guests. Their outdoor ceremony was postponed for over an hour! At one point several family members were holding down the tent to keep it from taking off. Every time a big wind gust pushed the rain through, a big gasp would erupt from the crowd. Umbrellas and blankets were retrieved from the depths of cars, families cuddled together to stay warm. When plan b was put into action, the seats were moved to what I call dinner theatre style. Everyone stuck it out to support this couple and see them get married. Brooke and Ben were so easy going and go with the flow. They didn't let the rain get them down, and I never heard them complain one time. As Ben's mom said, "The wedding day doesn't make a marriage." When the ceremony did begin, the twilight cast a beautiful soft tone on the pavilion of Mt. Echo, and the ground became like a reflective pool. Brooke and Ben had the support of all their friends and family, and there was truly a warm spirit of love and fun that surrounded this couple on their unforgettable wedding day. Here are a few pics from their wedding, pre-storm, storm and post storm. What a great couple and great group of guests! I know I'll never forget it! --Suz

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