Monday, August 23, 2010

Janelle and Bobby

Janelle and Bobby's engagement session started out at Glenmore Bowl. Little did we know that it had gone out of business. We changed plans and headed over to Stump's, also on the west side of town. Stump's turned out to be a fun place to shoot. In one picture the couple holds two shoes, size 11. That's their wedding date, 1-1-11. They were fun to photograph because they let their personalities show. They smiled a lot and laughed. They were silly and romantic. It was so easy to take fun pictures of them. When we left Stump's we headed over to Graeter's for a little ice cream before finishing up the shoot. Everything was going well until gnome brawl. In one of these shots, you see two gnomes and at first glance, you think they are kissing. That would have been appropriate and romantic for an engagement photo shoot. On closer inspection, however, you will see that the gnome in blue (Mac) is pointing his finger at the gnome in green (Al). Mac got up in Al's face and was making wild accusations. Al had recently watched Top 10 Crazy Sports Moments and had the Mike Tyson ear biting incident fresh in his mind. The next thing you know, Al is biting Mac's nose. It was ugly. Janelle and Bobby were not dismayed and we continued on. That's really the best attitude. You should never let a gnome fight get you down. We finished up the rest of the engagement shoot at an old factory and everything was smooth from then on out. The textures and colors of the location added some visual interest to pictures and gave them a unique feeling. The sun setting cast a warm glow onto the red brick building. All in all, it was a really unique and fun shoot. I look forward to the wedding in January!

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  1. Brad - your commentary is HILARIOUS!! We love the pictures too...thank you so much for capturing our silliness. - Janelle and Bobby